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About Us: Why Air Purifier Is Needed For Healthy Living

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At a Glance

As we are an air purifier review website, we’d like you to know why an air purifier is needed for indoor air health. We would like to share you our story, why we chose to talk about air purifiers and why you should trust us for an honest review source (and for helpful information).


Our Story

As a person who grew up in NYC, our lead writer shows great disdain for polluted air. She has allergic rhinitis or hay fever, which gets in the way of her work output; it’s usually caused by smoke and other pollutants in the air. Hay fever doesn’t just attack during spring – it may also come whenever there’s tons of dust in your indoor air.


Indoor air quality decreases as you move to the city, where smoke belching is not uncommon. The situation gets worse if you live near an industrial field or facility, where the debris of these companies end up in your household, which generally sucks not only for you but also for your family and children (and your food, gross!).


Upon looking on the internet and getting inspired about people’s reviews on air purifiers, the writer got interested and tried buying one for the home, and it changed her life ever since.


This is why, along with other writers who have the same problem, she helped form a team that will make a website dedicated to emphasizing the need for an air purifier at home (or in the office) and its health benefits, and eventually provide product suggestions to get you started depending on your budget, since we all know different people have different budget capacities.


Why Write About Air Purifiers?

You might wonder: why did we choose this topic? What do air purifiers have that other home appliances simply don’t have? Here are our reasons as to why we are passionate about air purifiers:


  1. They help clean the air from pollutants like dust. If you live in NYC or somewhere similar, you’d probably encounter a lot of dust in the air. An air purifier is meant for that job – to sweep away and suck up all of the dust and dirt in the air so that they don’t settle on your coffee table, couch, or worse – the carpets. Of course, manual regular cleaning is still necessary but air purifiers make the job easier for you.


  1. Pet owners will feel relieved. Pets shed often, especially if you have a long-coated dog or cat. If pets shed, they may leave fur on the couch, which can be hard to clean and pick up sometimes. They may also leave smells behind when they sit in front of the TV for hours and watch their favorite shows.


  1. It’s best for asthma and allergy sufferers. Allergic rhinitis, as we mentioned above, is a serious illness that can go on forever depending on the season and sometimes, depending on the pollution levels. Asthma is in a similar case, causing coughs, while allergic rhinitis causes uncontrollable sneezes. You can help lessen their symptoms if you have clean indoor air.


  1. Homes and offices with frequent guests need it. Let’s face it – people come and go in your house and even in your office, so it’s really ideal to have a unit that can filter out all of the bad air pollutants coming from the outside world. Do you have guests who frequently smoke? Are you often cooking smelly food indoors? Have an air purifier take care of that.


  1. They are highly used in hospitals. Sanitation is of great importance in a medical facility, especially in the ICU, the operating room, the nursery, and other delicate places such as isolation rooms. That’s why air purifiers in those places are of industrial and medical-grade. In fact, there are special medical conditions where a patient should not be exposed to any kind of outdoor or human contact because their immune system is so weak that they need to be in a room with a strong air purifier all the time.


  1. They remove VOCs from the air. VOCs or volatile organic compounds come from paint and other household chemicals, so it’s a good thing that they are removed from the air with the air purifier unit to help reduce the likelihood of sickness and allergies,


  1. It can help increase the average lifespan of urban people. One of the worst things to face when you live in the city is pollution and smoke, which can sometimes cause lung cancer or other respiratory problems, even if you’re not even a smoker. By having clean indoor air, you can reduce such pollution.


Our Reputation

We care for your indoor health as much as you do, hence you should somehow consider us as the number one source for air purifiers and information. This is because we only chose the best air purifiers out there using the following criteria:


  1. Four-star rating – we only pick items that are four stars and above to ensure that it is highly-rated, well-reviewed, and a good product overall.


  1. The number of reviews – how many people reviewed the item? It is important to know because it doesn’t really add up if you have a 5-star item but only 3 people reviewed them. Tonumber of reviewsensure that an air purifier is a true winner, it needs to have many people buying and praising it.


  1. More pros than cons – every item has its own set of pros and cons, but the cons should not be deal breakers. Generally, we pick air purifiers that have more good points than bad.


  1. Price levels – to give you utmost convenience, we sort out products in three levels: budget-friendly, middle-priced and step-up pick (for those who have the extra budget). In this way, you can pick the right air purifier for your home without breaking the bank, and still get the right features that you want to have.



Our expertise and dedication to air purifiers will surely help you to find the best one for your needs. We don’t just go around and pick products randomly – we screen them thoroughly, hence you should consider us a highly trusted source for air purifiers.


So, what are you waiting for? Start searching and browsing for our top-rated air purifier reviews and helpful articles right now! You never know what you can find just by looking at them! And by doing so, you may eventually help clean up the pollution your indoor air may have!

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