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BONECO P400 Review: An Odor-Removing Air Purifier worth Buying?


BONECO - Air Purifier P400 with HEPA & Activated Carbon Filter

If you are looking for a BONECO P400 review the


n you’ve come to the right place – this HEPA air purifier excels the most in removing odor while also keeping your indoor air clean. This is perfect for homes that have frequent guests and when tobacco smoke and smelly kitchen odors become rampant.


Since it’s suitable for medium to large-sized rooms, it will be a great air purifier for the living room, keeping allergy symptoms at bay even when Fido or Tabby is around the house.


Many HEPA air purifiers exist out there in the market, but we think that theP400 is a great choice for all-around cleaning so you will breathe easier even if you live in an urban setting.


Features of the BONECO P400

So, what are the features of the BONECO P400? Here are some worth-noting key specs that stand out from this air purifier:


1. HEPA + activated carbon filter

Combining the particle-removing capability of a HEPA filter and the odor-reducing activated carbon filter, you’ll get a dual-purpose air purifier that not only takes out allergens like dust from the air but also reduces bad smells around the house.


Not all air purifiers out there have an activated carbon filter so this is a plus point (most only have a simple HEPA filter). Tobacco smoke and fried food smells can also off-put people and cause allergy symptoms to occur, which is why you’ll want them out of your living quarters.


2. Digital display

With a minimalist digital display, you can easily control the air purifier as needed. Not only does it add convenience but it also looks sleek and stylish – a perfect fit for most modern homes. The controls are simple to understand, making it a breeze for any first-time user of air purifiers.


3. Ideal for rooms up to 600 square feet

If you intend to use this air purifier in a living room or medium to a large-sized bedroom, this is a great unit for you.


4. Filter change reminder

There’s no more hassle in maintaining your air purifier – you don’t have to disassemble the unit just to check if the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. The filter change reminder will save time and effort in the long run. After all, running any air purifier with a dirty air filter will only cause your room to become even more polluted!


5. Includes a fragrance tray

Another plus point that we like about this air purifier is the addition of a fragrance tray. In this way, your home will not only become free from bad odors but you can also add your preferred smells to provide your family members (and your guests) a fresh and favorable scent.


We prefer adding citrus scents to give a clean feeling when you enter the room as the air purifier cleans the air. However, before adding fragrance, you should read the instruction manual on which oils or fragrances are suitable for the tray.


6. Customized filters

With the P400, you have three choices for filters: ALLERGY, BABY, and SMOG. Although the filter names are self-explanatory, they’re a convenient way of customizing your cleaning experience based on what you currently need.


7. Five fan speeds

While most air purifiers only have 3 to 4 speeds, this unit has a total of 5, which makes it a little more advantageous than market competitors. This also translates to a more tailored way of cleaning your air without severely impacting your electric bill.


8. A 5-year warranty

We like that the BONECO P400 is backed by a 5-year warranty, which is already longer than most warranty periods of other brands (1 to 3 years). This will bring peace of mind and you can take it to your nearest service center without a lot of worry about the warranty date limitations.


Pros of the BONECO P400

Let’s have a look at what makes the BONECO P400 a great air purifier to have:


1. It has a carbon filter and custom filters to choose from.

It can be alarming to know “how much air do we breathe per day?” and imagine just what percentage of that air belongs to bad smells and allergen particles. That’s why having a carbon filter along with custom filters will strengthen your daily battle against these lung irritants.


2. It takes less space due to the small footprint.

If you live in a house with minimal space left, this is a unit to have due to its small footprint. This allows you to place it even in a kid’s room or kitchen.

3. It comes with a fragrance tray.

Using your favorite essential oils will help keep your home or room fresh after the air purifier finished its job of cleaning dust and bad odor.


4. It has a filter change indicator.

This is a plus point if you often forget to change your air purifier filter and leave it dirty while operating.


Cons of the BONECO P400

On the other hand, while not major cons, here are some small concerns about the BONECO P400:


1. The instructions are not that clear.

You’d have to search online for answers if you want to know about turning the unit on/off, as well as working with the custom filters.


2. The exhaust could be redesigned.

We think that the exhaust needs to be reworked because the filtered air comes out of the back top of the air purifier, which isn’t ideal for placing next to or against a wall.


Best uses for the BONECO P400


Aside from cleaning the air, this unit is great for the following uses:


  • Kitchen odors
  • Homes with pets
  • Babies
  • Living rooms



So, is the BONECO P400 worth buying? Overall, we’d say yes – this air purifier has great features, such as a carbon filter and custom filters, a fragrance tray, a filter change indicator, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Although with a few minor caveats, we still like it anyway since it’s more than just an air purifier – you can use it to keep the air fresh if your home smells bad.

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