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Why Is Clean Water and Sanitation Important?

why is clean water and sanitation important

Why is clean water and sanitation important? This question has been asked for centuries. The answer is simple, but it can be difficult to understand why. For starters, dirty drinking water contains many harmful bacteria which can make people very sick or even kill them. Dirty water also poses a health risk because it can carry diseases that are not easily spread through other ways of transmission such as air or contact with objects.

Benefits Of Clean Water And Sanitation

Although clean water and sanitation may seem like a luxury, it actually has many benefits for society. For example, it is important that everyone in the community have access to these services because it helps to reduce diseases from spreading from person to person. This will not only improve the quality of life for people in developing countries but also ensure that they are able to work day-to-day without worrying about whether they will get sick from something as simple as dirty drinking water.

Finally, clean water and sanitation can help with economic development; this is because healthier citizens make up healthier communities. A population with good overall health means more working hands and brains less sick days! When you stop to think about it, clean water and sanitation are simple things that can have a massive impact on the world.

What Is Sanitation And Its Importance

What Is Sanitation And Its Importance?

Sanitation refers to the manner of disposal and reuse of human and animal excrement (feces and urine) safe and healthy environment.

Why is it important?

• Saves lives since dirty water and poor sanitation kill more people than any other human-made disaster

• Improves hygiene and reduces medical bills

• Protects the environment by reducing pollution

• Provides healthy, safe drinking water for all

Sanitation is important for maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, and health in the community.

– It helps prevent waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea, dysentery, etc.

How Important It Is To Have Clean Water?

How Important It Is To Have Clean Water?

Having clean water is as important as having clean cooking gas, as it also kills millions of people.

• It helps to provide a healthy environment

• Without proper sanitation and drinking water facilities, 50 to 60% of communicable diseases will be caused.

• Diseases caused due to the lack of availability of safe drinking water and proper sanitation kill more people than all forms of violence including war combined.

• In 2016 alone, 548 thousand people died from diarrhea which was attributed to dirty water and poor sanitation.

• In many communities across the world, women spend up to 6 hours per day collecting dirty water from rivers or other polluted sources for their families’ everyday needs – only to spend hours more later boiling it for drinking

• Women and children are 14.5 times more likely to die during disasters caused by dirty water

• Diseases caused by the lack of clean water can harm infants even before they are born

##How does sanitation affect us?

Sanitation facilities play an important role in creating a clean environment across communities.

• Proper disposal of human waste prevents disease, infection, and soil degradation

• It reduces the number of flies that could spread diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, etc. through contaminated food or unwashed hands

• Sanitation services also provide safe havens for birds which helps control insects like mosquitoes that transmit diseases

• Water is used more efficiently

• Water conservation helps to reduce the number of water-borne diseases

• Improved hygiene reduces diarrhea and stunting


There are many benefits to clean water and sanitation.

• Improves the health of the community by reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases

• Increases hygiene levels which prevent diseases from spreading through dirty hands

• Can contribute to economic development due to an increase in working hours, which reduces poverty.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to keep their environment clean so they can lead healthy lives. It is equally important for every nation to provide these facilities throughout its community so that there are no pockets where people fall ill due to lack of proper services. Finally, with improved living conditions, more women will be able to join the workforce instead of wasting away their time collecting dirty water for their families.

Clean water and sanitation are important because they help maintain a hygienic environment that prevents the spread of diseases through dirty hands or contaminated food.

Moreover, it helps in conserving resources such as water by reducing wastage, which contributes to improved livelihoods due to an increase in working hours.

With the benefits outweighing its costs, proper sanitation facilities should be provided throughout society so that people can live healthier lives. Otherwise, there will always be pockets within the community where people lack access to these services and fall ill.

It is equally important for every nation to ensure that no citizen misses out on this basic facility which would only exacerbate poverty levels, but instead strive to provide it to its citizens so that everyone can live a better, healthier life.

Healthcare is important for all nations because it helps maintain a hygienic environment through clean water and sanitation facilities which reduce the spread of diseases.

It also helps increase efficiency by reducing wastage of resources such as water which contributes to increasing working hours, thus improving economic conditions.

Finally, no nation should miss out on this facility which could only exacerbate poverty levels but instead strive to provide it throughout society so that all can lead healthy lives without being at risk due to lack of access to these services.

Clean water and sanitation are integral for maintaining good health because they help stop the spread of diseases and infections

Water conservation also plays a vital role in increasing efficiency, thus contributing to improved livelihoods

It is important for every nation to provide these facilities throughout society because there will always be pockets within the community where people lack access to such services, leading to an increased incidence of illnesses.

Therefore, countries should strive towards providing clean water and sanitation facilities so that citizens can lead healthier lives without having to suffer due to lack of access. The benefits outweighing its costs altogether ensures that no country misses out on this basic facility which would only exacerbate poverty levels. Instead, countries should work towards ensuring everyone has access to proper sanitation facilities so that there are no health risks from dirty water or unhygienic conditions.

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