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Why is There so Much Dust in My House? Here are Some Cleaning Tips!


If you often find yourself vacuuming or sweeping the floor you might wonder, why is there so much dust in my house? Cleaning the house is just as important as eating and drinking. It is an inevitable cycle of life, especially if you live in a city or a highly urbanized area where pollution is most likely going to make its way. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this helpful article.


The Dangers of Too Much Dust

You can never be too sure that your household dust doesn’t breed any bacteria or virus that might cause illnesses to your family and members. Here are the reasons why too much household dust is bad:


  1. Bacteria and fungi – studies show that many homes filled with dust are breeding grounds for various species of fungi and bacteria, which, in turn, can be the cause of a couple of illnesses that attack our immune systems, such as simple coughs and colds.
  2. Harsh chemicals – included in dust are a couple of harsh chemicals that, when accumulated, could have problems for children and adults alike. These chemicals include phthalates and others that may come from your household chemicals, pollution outdoors and other possible sources.


  1. PPAR-gamma – this new study on household dust may actually lead to obesity. This kind of protein is formed from certain materials in house dust which children and other family members may ingest.


  1. Allergens and asthma – many people who have nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis, or even sinus problems, could have difficulty working or living properly in a home or office setting that has a ton of dust. People who have other respiratory problems such as asthma may also be in danger with too much indoor dust.


Why Is My House So Dusty In The Winter?

The basic reason as to why winter cleaning is a big chore is because the air is very dry during the winter season. In this case, it’s important to clean up your house even during the winter season so that it won’t become a ground for sickness-causing bacteria and the like, and also to make your house more presentable even in the cold weather.


Here are some things you can do to clean up your home during the winter and free it from dust:


  • Dust fixtures and furniture
  • Perform deep cleaning on flooring and carpets
  • Get your furnace filter checked and cleaned once a month
  • Clean up the ceiling of your kitchen
  • Wipe the windows with a vinegar-water mixture


Why Is My Bedroom So Dusty

If you find yourself in a dusty bedroom, you may have the following problems:


  1. You have too many carpets. The main reason why tropical countries don’t have carpets is that their environment is too humid and has more likelihood of getting dust trapped. Carpets are breeding grounds for dust due to catching them easily and trapping them there.


  1. You don’t clean too often. If you’re too lazy to clean up then you might find yourself sneezing with too much dust around your house!


  1. You have too many surfaces. For instance, you have a lot of flat surfaces like tables, which can be a source of dust accumulation. If you can’t afford to wipe them all, reduce them and position anything that’s portable vertically to avoid that scenario.


Why Is There So Much Dust In My House

We’ve all been there – the hard time cleaning every nook and cranny of the house, starting from the doorway to the kitchen. Here are the possible and common sources of most household dust, so you’ll know what to expect or reduce:

Dust Mites Dust mites come from humid environments, so if you live in tropical countries or near the beach, you’re more likely to get these itchy things, which may hide on bedding’s and curtains.
Pollen If you have a lot of flowers in your garden, you may also expect some dust indoors. That is, of course, not exactly a reason to take down your flower garden!
Pet Dander Pets are one of the most common causes of allergens for people, simply because they shed. Your cat or dog, whether short-coated or long-coated, will most likely contribute to household dust.
Dead skin Yep, we also contribute to household dust, but it’s not a big number. But if you’re really that meticulous then bathing or washing often may be a solution.
Insect residue If you live in a climate where insects such as flies, cockroaches and the like are often found, you’re also bound for more dust indoors.

How To Clean A Dusty Room

So, do you really want to get your space freshened up a bit? Here are a couple of ways for you to clean up your room:


  1. Vacuum up. The most common way to clean up a dusty room is to vacuum different parts of your room and house and not just the surfaces. Go for portable ones or use large ones for the flooring, or you can use special vacuum heads that are for nooks and crannies or even for the stairs!


  1. Use an air purifier. An air purifier sucks up dust and freshens your indoor air, making it less likely to cause allergic reactions and sicknesses. We have a list of great air purifiers that you may find interesting to clear out your dusty room!


  1. Wipe up surfaces. These surfaces refer to flat, horizontal objects, such as tables and the like. You should wipe them often with a damp cloth.


  1. Clean more often. Laziness is often the cause of accumulating dust. Make it a habit to clean at least once a month depending on your pollution levels in your community.


Benefits of Air Purifiers

So, why would you use an air purifier to clean up a room? Can’t you just vacuum it? Well, here are some benefits of buying one:


  • Their HEPA filters trap about 99 percent of dust particles in the air
  • They operate silently (unlike your vacuum cleaner)
  • You can just leave them overnight to do their job
  • They’re ideal for people with asthma and allergic rhinitis
  • If you have frequent smoke in the house then air purifiers can freshen the air


With that said, again, here’s an article we wrote to suggest you some good air purifiers to start with!



As a whole, dust in your house can accumulate over time and it’s normal. This is why houses with less or no people have very dusty surfaces. We hope this guide can help you to figure out how to make your house and rooms less dusty so you can breathe a better quality of indoor air.

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