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Winix 5300 vs. 5500: Which is the Better Air Purifier?

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter

Ever wonder which is better between Winix 5300 vs. 5500? In this article, we compare these two air purifiers with their different specs and capabilities.

As we mentioned earlier in the effects of air pollution in points, air purifiers are one of the best solutions you can find if you have a home space or office area that’s plagued with bad-smelling air from toxic fumes. Ideally, air purifiers can be your go-to lifesaver if you live or work in a highly polluted area.

But with the different air purifier brands out there, you might wonder sometimes: which one really works for me? And which one actually does the job without breaking the bank? We’re about to find out with our comparison review of these two Winix air purifiers.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Washable AOC Carbon Filter

Does the Winix 5300 produce ozone?

No, absolutely not! The Winix 5300 air purifier does not give off harmful ozone unlike other older air purifiers in the market. It uses PlasmaWave technology (explained further below) for its filtering mechanism for smoke, odor, and other chemical allergens in the air, which come from VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Ozone is a filtering mechanism that has been used for years in older models of air purifiers. However, they are not that friendly towards the environment because they sometimes contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Therefore, newer and more modernized air purifiers nowadays do not contain ozone and instead, have devised newer technologies that do not impact the environment and yet can still clean up your air from harmful pollutants.


Are Winix air purifiers good?

Yes! Most Winix air purifiers are not only highly-rated and praised by consumers but it’s also because of the following specs and features that they have:


  1. They use true HEPA filters. The true HEPA filter is a fine (detailed) filter that’s able to clean up to 99.97% of air pollutants, which may include pollen, dust, dirt, mites, pet dander, and the like. If you live in a place where the air isn’t so good in quality, you may want to have an air purifier with this kind of filter to do the job for you.


  1. They use PlasmaWave technology for odors. Unlike other air purifiers, this one doesn’t use ozone, so it’s eco-friendlier. Its PlasmaWave technology is a kind of mechanism that safely removes VOCs in the air so that the bad smells can be neutralized in a less harmful way to the environment and to every living thing – including you, your kid(s), and Fido!.


  1. Most of them have multi-stage cleaning methods. These cleaning methods can be at least 3 in a filter pack, more or less. Having more stages of cleaning enables your unit to thoroughly clean the air from pollutants. Not all air pollutants are of the same size – the physical filters or the pre-filters can work on the larger debris while the finer filters, such as the true HEPA filter, can take care of the smaller particles.


  1. Many of them will have smart sensors. A smart sensor is a must-have if you live a busy schedule most of the time. It basically means no more guesswork having to adjust the fan speed depending on how polluted your air is – the sensors can tell whether your air quality is good, moderate, or severely needs cleaning.


  1. The majority are made for most common bedroom sizes. A lot of Winix air purifiers you will see out there are made for medium to large rooms, let’s say 360 square feet. This is why Winix units are quite popular with the masses because of their just-right power and features.
Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Washable AOC Carbon Filter



What is the difference between Winix 5300 and 5500?

It’s actually hard to find differences between the Winix 5300 and 5500 since they are almost similar in every way, such as their fan speed, area rating, power, and others. However, here are some of the notable differences:




Winix 5300


Winix 5500

Filter System True HEPA

Activated Carbon


Washable AOC Carbon



When it comes down to the filter system, the Winix 5500 seems to be better because it has a washable AOC carbon filter, other than its two other filters. Having more filters is a good thing, but having something that is washable is also a big plus.

Carbon filters are definitely handy because they can absorb bad odors, such as smoke, cooking smells, and the like. Not only that, because the 5500’s carbon filter is washable, it’s easier to maintain and less costly than having to replace the filter.




Winix 5300


Winix 5500

Chemical Filtration Good Better


Chemical filtration refers to how good it is at targeting bad smells (usually from mold) and musty odors. In this case, we found out that the Winix 5500 has a better chemical filtration due to the fact that its carbon filter is not only washable but also more powerful. It’s given since 5500 has more filters than the 5300 (which has a pre-filter).





Winix 5300


Winix 5500

Remote Control Easy to use Some buttons could have problems


Remote controls are always the most useful ways of controlling air purifier. In our case here, we found out that the Winix 5300 does have better remote control, as some customers have reported that the buttons on the 5500 may sometimes be a little faulty. However, maybe this could be just a simple manufacturer error or defect.




Winix 5300


Winix 5500

Warranty period 2 years 1 year


As for the warranty period, the Winix 5300 takes the cake because of its 2-year warranty period over the the1-year warranty of 5500. Although this is not that much of a big deal, it’s still important to know in case your unit breaks.




Winix 5300


Winix 5500

Budget Level Mid-range Mid to high range


For the price range, we’ll just tell you that the Winix 5300 seems to be a more budget option than the Winix 5500 since it is an older model.


What is PlasmaWave technology in air purifiers?

PlasmaWave technology is Winix’s eco-friendly approach to cleaning the air from VOCs and other harmful pollutants. Its main benefits are the following:


  1. Reduces musty smells. It can reduce cooking odors, smoke, and the like. This means that you can use this air purifier technology to counteract that fish smell that lingers on your kitchen walls. The technology is even separate from the carbon filters that are installed along with the true HEPA filters in the unit itself.


  1. Keeps mold at bay. Mold is one of your possible worst enemies if you live in a highly humid area. Mold not only stinks but it can also cause sickness among you and your family. Keeping it at bay and to a minimum is what the PlasmaWave can do, other than removing bad odors.


  1. Static electricity is reduced. This means that air pollutants have less chance of staying in the air and more likely going into your air purifier filter.


So how exactly does PlasmaWave technology work? Here’s a quick look:


  1. First, an electrical discharge is dispersed throughout the air in a short period of time. There is no need to worry because this electrical discharge is not harmful to humans or pets.


  1. Next, the discharge removes hydrogen when they form into Hydroxyls due to the combination of hydrogen and oxygen ions.


  1. Last, but not least, the removal of hydrogen also allows the air pollutants to be removed easily because of the hydrogen ion being used. And also, it returns moisture to the air – all a simple chemical process.


PlasmaWave is absolutely safe (as we mentioned above) because it conforms to the California Air Resource Board’s AB 2276 standards.

It has passed the ozone emission rating test and it’s even tested for Influenza Virus Removal at the Yonsei University at 99.6% per hour. And of course, the technology used complies with the worldwide UL safety standards.


Which Winix air purifier is the best?

If you’re going to ask us on which air purifier to buy, we’d recommend the Winix 5500 even though it’s a little pricier than its predecessor, the Winix 5300. The main reason is that its carbon filter is washable, unlike the former, and this also means that its chemical filtration is a lot better.

For homes that have a lot of cooking smells, tobacco residue, and have a dog (or cat) rolling around the house, it’s much better to neutralize odors with a washable carbon filter that’s in an air purifier.

Don’t get us wrong – we both love these two Winix air purifiers, but one has to be better over the other, anyway. They are, after all, both with PlasmaWave technology and are powered with true HEPA filters for effective air cleaning.



Choosing the best air purifier may not always be a walk in the park. However, you can easily pick one out of the crowd if you take a look into its specifications, pros and cons, and what it’s best used for. After all, not every air purifier has the same features as the other one.

To wrap it up, both of these air purifiers are not only eco-friendly but also powerful for most bedrooms and offices. With the many features and the room coverage, you might want to give them a try if you are looking for air purifiers that are just right for the budget.


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