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Your Guide to the Best Bedroom Heaters On Amazon

De'Longhi DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater, 27.20 x 15.80 x 9.20, White

In the cold winter months, the best bedroom heaters will help you warm up and sleep cozily. So, how do you choose a heater for your bedroom? Fortunately, we have suggestions for you below. After all, we care about your well-being and sleeping comfort.


When heating a room, most bedroom heater units use either ceramic (convection) or infrared (radiating) methods. These two methods are different when it comes to the mechanics but both of their goals are the same – to warm up your room.


With the many choices out there, we will help you pick the right bedroom heater based on your needs. After all, not all room sizes are the same, plus other factors might come into play, such as your budget and the furniture in the room.


Which room heaters are best?

If you are looking for the best bedroom heaters out there, we have some suggestions below:

De'Longhi DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater, 27.20 x 15.80 x 9.20, White

1. De’Longhi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

When it comes to room heaters, the De’Longhi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater is a great consideration. This radiant-heating maintenance-free unit measures 27 x 15 x 9 inches and has a slim profile, making it ideal for small to medium-sized bedrooms.


Since it has wheels at the bottom, it’s a portable and space-saving heater. With 3 heating settings to choose from, as well as an adjustable thermostat, you will enjoy customized comfort. There are also patented thermal slots to improve the efficiency of the heating unit.

De'Longhi DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater, 27.20 x 15.80 x 9.20, White

This bedroom heater will work for rooms up to 144 square feet. To keep it safe from unwanted disasters indoors, it has a thermal shut-off feature in case of overheating. It also has a durable metal construction that will last for a long time when properly cared for and stored.


With 1,500 watts (5,120 BTUs) of power, it also has an ECO function to save some bucks off your energy bill to reduce your worries. As with nearly all radiating heaters, its oil reservoir is permanently sealed to avoid the hassle.

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Tip-Over Protection, Auto Safety Shut-Off System, Whole Room, Black

2. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

If you want quick heating for a small to medium-sized room, the Vornado MVH Vortex Heater is for you. This forced-air heater has a cool-touch exterior, making it safe for paws and little hands. It even has tip-over protection and automatic shut-off for added safety.

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Tip-Over Protection, Auto Safety Shut-Off System, Whole Room, Black

You have 3 heat settings to choose from – with the highest only consuming 1,500 watts as with most standard heaters. It has an internal thermostat so you have the power over your heater depending on the temperature outside (it even automatically adjusts).


Even though it is a forced-air heater, it uses a unique vortex air circulation method that makes the air less intense so it won’t be too uncomfortable for people with hot blowing air sensitivity. It is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Lasko 754201 Small Portable 1500W Electric Ceramic Space Heater with Tip-Over Safety Switch, Overheat Protection, Thermostat and Extra Long 8-ft Cord for Indoor Ho, 9.2 x 7 x 6 inches, Dark Gray

3. Lasko 754201 Small Portable 1500W Electric Ceramic Space Heater

Yet another portable option for small to medium-sized rooms is the Lasko 754201 Small Portable 1500W Electric Ceramic Space Heater. Able to heat up to 300 square feet of room size, it had 2 heat settings and it even has a fan-only option. Measuring 9.2 x 7 x 6 inches, it won’t take a lot of room space.


It comes with overheat protection, a tip-over safety switch, and an 8-foot power cord. The small yet powerful unit design also makes it a great desk heater.


Since it uses a ceramic heating element, it will heat any room fast while also being safe due to its protective features and ETL certification. It is backed by a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Moocii Portable Space Heater Personal Indoor Electric Ceramic Heater 750W / 1500W Quick Heat Up 6 Modes Tip-Over and Overheat Protection Oscillating Heater for Office Bedroom Home Room Desk White

4. Moocii Portable Space Heater

Using ceramic heating technology, the Moocii Portable Space Heater is a fast heating unit that’s ideal for your desk in a bedroom. Ideal for rooms up to 161 square feet, it has a compact and space-saving design.


Like our other picks here, it has safety features such as the automatic tip-over shut-off switch and overheating protection. It even has a 60-degree oscillating function for a more efficient heating radius. What’s more, it has a fan-only mode and there are 6 modes to choose from.



What type of heater is best for a bedroom?

For us, the type of heater for a bedroom can either be a ceramic or an infrared type depending on your preferences. Here are the details of each of them:


  1. Ceramic heaters – they are also called convection heaters and they make use of moving air to heat your room. One advantage to having ceramic heaters is the speed of heating, which is ideal if you want to warm up a room fast. It’s also the best heater for large rooms.


However, the slight downside is that ceramic heaters might feel too overwhelming for people who have allergies and asthma. That’s because it blows air instead of radiating it.


  1. Infrared heaters – also known as radiating heaters, most of these are oil-filled and may take some time to heat a room, so they are most ideal for small rooms. If you suffer from allergies, this is a good bedroom heater for you.


Which is better: infrared or ceramic heaters?

Both ceramic and infrared heaters work just fine, but it depends on what you prefer. It’s amazing to know the answer to the question of “how much air do we breathe per day?” and since ceramic heaters blow air, they’re better for rooms that need added ventilation and airflow.


However, if you suffer from allergies and prefer a slow and radiating heat, we suggest an infrared heater instead since it doesn’t use forced air. Either way, both these heater types are effective for dispersing heat inside your room and keeping you cozy during winter nights.


To wrap it up, bedrooms will be a lot more comfortable to sleep on during the cold months if you have an effective and efficient bedroom heater. Just place it strategically, keep your comforter on, close the doors, seal the windows, and presto – you have a cozy space. We hope you found our suggestions useful!

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