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How Often to Change Air Filter in Apartment?

how often to change air filter in apartment

Air filters maintain a clean and safe indoor breathing space in your living area, but to keep this up, you’ll need to know how often to change the air filter in an apartment. Like vacuum cleaners, air filters need to be changed to avoid spewing back dirt into your room.


Oftentimes, air filters can be changed according to manufacturer specifications. However, it is not always the case since apartments come in all different shapes and sizes. What’s more, not every place in the world has the same pollution levels.


With that, we want to help you out by answering some common questions regarding changing the air filter in your apartment. In this way, you can use your AC without worrying about clogging.


How long do air filters last in an apartment?

As mentioned above, it can be on a case-to-case basis. Air filters and their lifespan may vary depending on the following factors:


  • How polluted is the area you are staying in?
  • How often do you clean your room?
  • What’s the area of the room (and the ceiling height)?
  • Do people smoke or cook inside the apartment?
  • What’s the type of filter used for the AC unit?
  • How often do you need to replace/clean it based on the manufacturer’s advice?


Usually, you’d need to change your air filter after 1 to 3 months. Even if you have the best air purifier for apartments to help clean indoor air, it’s not enough if your AC filter is clogged. Therefore, you’ll need to factor in the above-mentioned items to know when you need to clean and/or replace your AC filter.

Do you have to change the air filter in an apartment

Do you have to change the air filter in an apartment?

Yes, air filter replacement is usually the duty of the one who rents the apartment. Landlords might give you some air filters themselves but if they don’t, your only option is to know the air filter brand/model and buy it yourself.


Fortunately, there are many ways to buy a new air filter in the market today. All you need to know is the serial number of your unit or the part number of your old air filter that you want to replace.


Replacing the air filter in your apartment is not just an obligation but also a health and safety concern. We’ve covered and discussed the health effects of air pollution on humans and that’s why you need to maintain a clean and fresh breathing space – especially if it is small.


What happens if you don’t change the apartment air filter?

So, what will happen if you don’t change your air filter often (or at all)? First, the AC can get clogged with dirt, which results in your unit working extra hard and costing more cents to operate monthly. It will also take a longer time to cool down your room due to the clogged filter.


Aside from that, if you don’t change your filter, the dirt will be sent back into the air if you put your unit in the highest setting. This results in a polluted room, which could’ve been prevented if you only cleaned and/or replaced your air filter when needed.


As you can see, cleaning the air filter is very important. After all, maintaining a clean air filter is one of the seven ways to keep the air clean.


How often should I change the filter for the AC at my apartment?

If you’re wondering how often to change the air filter in an apartment, it should be every 1 to 3 months. However, this depends on how busy your room gets – whether you have guests who smoke and/or cook food often – or if your pollution levels are quite high (e.g., you live near highways or factories).


Another factor that can change how often you should replace your AC filter is the size of your room. Bigger rooms usually get polluted less quickly than smaller ones but they also take more time to filter. If you have allergies and you often sneeze, you might want to look at the filter every month if it needs to be replaced.


Here’s a rough guide of different air filter types and how often to replace them:


Filter type For normal users For allergy sufferers
Fiberglass filters 1 to 3 months 30 to 45 days
Pleated filter 3 months 3 months or less
Media filter 6 to 8 months 6 months or less




How do I know which AC filter to buy?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to check with the manufacturer about the part or the serial number of the filter you need to replace. If you’re not the one who installed the unit, you can also ask the person who installed your AC unit about the filter size.


Which is better: fiberglass or pleated air filter?

Fiberglass is usually less expensive but might not capture all pollutants in the air. Pleated air filters can capture smaller particles but they are on the expensive side. With that said, just because pleated air filters are tighter doesn’t mean they restrict airflow – you just need to clean them regularly.


How do I change my AC filter?

Your AC filter may vary depending on the type and manufacturer. Check the user’s manual or get an expert to help fit the AC filter properly. Usually, AC filters can be slid into a slot in front of the unit. Make sure to be careful when handling the AC filter upon installation.


Can I clean my AC filter instead of replacing it?

It depends on the type of filter, and this only applies to permanent types. However, it’s best to read the user’s manual to know if it can be cleaned or not and whether it is replaceable. In the long run, we recommend buying a new one instead to keep its integrity in cleaning and capturing dirt.



To wrap it up, how often to change the air filter in an apartment depends on the manufacturer’s specifications and other factors such as type, room size, and the like. Remember that not all air filters are the same – and so is your indoor situation.


Your AC unit will thank you if you replace your air filter as needed. We hope that this guide helped you in maintaining your AC unit and clean air in your apartment so you can study and/or sleep peacefully without getting nasty allergies

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