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Are Air Purifiers Worth It? Should I Get One or Not?

Are Air Purifiers Worth It


If you’ve come across a dirty and polluted room and wanted to freshen up, you might ask yourself: are air purifiers worth it? There are many air purifiers in the market today, and you have to wonder sometimes, do they work? This article will cover the basics on what’s an air purifier and if it is worth it to buy one.


What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is a device that’s usually electric-powered and is designed to remove dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, smoke, bad odor, and other allergens in the air. In short, they can freshen your room!


There are many kinds of air purifiers out there, from the small ones to the large ones. They can also be attached to an HVAC system or a standalone one for simple home use.


The different purifying techniques that air purifiers can have (depending on the product) are:

Type of purifying technique Materials needed Ideal use    
Filter HEPA filter or True HEPA filter
  • Sterilizing rooms that have a lot of small particles in the air
UV UV light or UV lamp
  • Kills germs and sanitizes using the UV lamp
Thermodynamic sterilization Heating
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, allergens, and the like
Activated carbon Activated carbon
  • Removes odors and smoke from the air
Ionizer Ionizer unit
  • For industrial use

Do home air purifiers really work?

Yes and no – it really depends on how you use it, where you use it, and other factors. Here are the different factors that can affect the function of an air purifier:


  • The amount of pollution in your hometown. Do you live in an industrial setting or do you live near a farm or field with less pollution? Take note of how much pollution you get on the average before you get an air purifier.
  • The size of your room or house (or office space). Measure your room first (in square meters or square feet) to get an idea on which air purifier is the best for your indoor space. An air purifier that’s not made for large rooms (e.g. portable ones) is only applicable for small bedrooms and spaces.
  • The power of your air purifier. Different types of air purifiers have various power or capabilities, which is usually measured by their air consumption rate, which is their speed of filtering the air. We have an article comparing different air purifiers so you can know which one fits well for your room.
  • The filter type of your air purifier. Air purifiers can have different types of filters (as mentioned above). If you have a HEPA filter, chances are, you’ll be able to filter the air easily.
  • Do you have pets? Dogs and cats that shed fur can be likely pollution in your indoor air, so you may need an air purifier for that.
  • Do you have a lot of plants and flowers outside? Pollen from flowers is also an allergen, so you also may need an air purifier if you have hay fever.
  • Do you have smokers around? Smoking tobacco can also pollute the air, by which you may need to purify your indoor air.
  • Do you cook smelly food often? Smelly food can cause pollution to the air, such as when you’re cooking fish.


Are room air purifiers effective?

Frankly speaking, you will only find a room air purifier effective if you’re experiencing any of the following:


  1. Asthma and nasal allergies. People with asthma have difficulty in breathing if they get exposed to any allergens in the air, such as smoke from tobacco and the like. Nasal allergies, such as allergic rhinitis or hay fever, can be worse if you live near a flower garden or when it’s springtime. Having an air purifier can lessen the sneezing for allergic rhinitis and coughing for those with asthma.


  1. You get sick easily. People who get sick easily are more prone to getting sick if they get exposed to germs and bacteria from your indoor air. The solution: get an air purifier for them.


  1. You live in a highly polluted area. Do you live near an industrial power plant? Do you live in a capital city (e.g. New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo)? If so, you might want to have an air purifier to counter pollution.


Is it worth it to buy an air purifier?

YES, your life could be a little bit better if you do have an air purifier. Although it can be pricey, there are many other brands out there that have good filtering and coverage but don’t cost much. Here are the benefits of air purifiers:


  1. You can breathe easier. Air purifiers can freshen the air, allowing you to breathe more properly than if you would with dirty air. These devices can remove even the smallest sizes of germs and bacteria in the air to have a healthy indoor home.


  1. Better productivity at work. Do you suffer from headaches and coughing at work or you just can’t focus? Have an air purifier do the job – some of them may even be combined with an essential oil diffuser to add flavor to your air.


  1. More pleasing to your guests. A healthy indoor air can be more accommodating if you ever have guests arrive at your doorstep (or in your office area).


Can air purifiers be harmful?

Air purifiers are only harmful if they use ozone. This element or chemical is present in some industrial air purifiers and there are even ones that are ozone generators. If your body gets exposed to ozone too much, it can have an effect on your lungs and can cause you to cough often or get chest pains. Instead of curing people with asthma, it makes their condition worse.



To wrap it up air purifiers may be worth it depending on your lifestyle. You should check first: do you really need to freshen your room or workspace? Is it really worth it to get an air purifier for your budget and needs? We hope you learned things from this article and we hope it helped you decide on choosing or buying an air purifier!

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