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What Makes Your House Smell Good All the Time?

what makes your house smell good all the time

Many pollutants and bad smells could ruin your clean indoor air, so you might wonder: what makes your house smell good all the time? If your house smells when you walk in, this is a problem you’ve always encountered. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!


Bad smells will always put off not only your family members but also your guests and whoever comes to your humble home. Not only are bad smells unpleasant but they might also harbor bacteria and viruses that could harm your health, so it’s important to keep the air clean!


So, how do you get rid of bad smells in your home? Hopefully, this guide will help you out as we list down some ways to freshen your rooms.


How can I make my home air fresh?

When it comes to clean and fresh air indoors, what makes your house smell good all the time? If you are looking for tips and tricks, here are some ways to keep your home odor-free:


Clean your pets regularly

If you have pets at home, the majority of bad odor indoors comes from not bathing or grooming your pets regularly or properly. If you have a “fur baby” who often lingers around the sofa or the carpets, always stick to a schedule and bathe them as needed.


Do your laundry and clean your upholstery

This is quite common sense but not doing your laundry for a while can make your room smell funky due to the odor left in the clothes. This also applies to bed sheets, curtains, and other items in your home. It also pays to get your upholstery cleaned once in a while.


Use an air purifier

You might wonder: why use an air purifier to clean the room from bad smells? That’s because air purifiers have a special set of filters (HEPA and activated carbon). While HEPA gets rid of small particles such as smoke, pet dander, and dust, activated carbon gets rid of bad odors, such as mold, VOCs, and the like.


How do I make my room smell rich?

A “rich-smelling” room can be achieved in ways easier than you think. Here are some tips on making your room smell like a rich person’s place:


  • Run your air purifier all day long
  • Limit the use of VOCs
  • Remove leftover food
  • Scrub mold whenever possible
  • Ventilate your room
  • Check if your AC air filter needs to be changed/cleaned
  • Try using aromatherapy diffusers


Air purifier filters, as well as AC filters, need to be changed frequently to avoid dirt and bad smells from clogging the system. Fortunately, we have a guide on how often to change the air filter in an apartment to help you out!


Aromatherapy diffusers can be used alongside your air purifier to make your room smell relaxing not only to you and your family members but also to your guests!


How can I make my house smell like a luxury hotel?

As mentioned above, the use of an air purifier, as well as frequently cleaning your home, can help make your house smell rich and luxurious. Added to that, you can also try aromatherapy diffusers (using essential oils).


In the market today, you’ll find many air purifiers that already have a built-in aromatherapy diffuser, so you get a 2-in-1 product. It not only cleans your rooms but also makes them smell like you’re staying in a 5-star hotel!


How can I make my house smell like new?

Constantly cleaning your home and decluttering items that you no longer use can help make your house smell like it was newly built or purchased. Moreover, using your air purifier properly will help remove overpowering odors from the air, leaving only clean and fresh air.


With that in mind, an air purifier that will help your room smell good should have the following:

  • HEPA filter
  • activated carbon filter
  • properly sized for your room


It can also help if your air purifier has these other features:

  • filter change indicator
  • automatic fan speeds
  • high CADR (for faster cleaning)


But wait…what’s CADR? Clean air delivery rate or CADR is the measurement of how fast a unit can clean up the air in a matter of minutes or hours. For instance, a good CADR for smoke is at least two-thirds of your room size. If you have a 300-square-foot room, you’ll need at least 200 CFM for your air purifier.



Do air purifiers help with cigarette smoke?

Yes, they can! Air purifiers have an activated carbon filter for eliminating cigarette smoke odor, as well as a HEPA filter to get rid of smoke particles. You’ll need at least two-thirds of your room size (at least 130 CFM for 200 square feet) for a good CADR to get rid of smoke particles properly.


Does aromatherapy help get rid of bad odors in a room?

When used properly with an air purifier and if you clean your room (e.g., launder the bed sheets, and curtains, get rid of clutter items), aromatherapy can help make your room smell fresh. However, it can only mask odors, not get rid of them. If the smell of leftover pizza is too intense, you’ll need to clean it up.


How do I ventilate my room without windows?

Ventilation is important to help keep your room smelling fresh. If your room doesn’t have windows, you can use your AC (make sure you change/clean the filter regularly), as well as fans. You can also have ducts installed or try leaving doors open from time to time.


Can air purifiers get rid of mold smells?

Absolutely! Air purifiers can take out most odors from the air if they have an activated carbon filter. This type of filter media absorbs VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as mold and smoke odor. Therefore, if you live near the coastlines, it’s good to have an air purifier with an activated carbon filter.



So, to wrap it up, what makes your house smell good all the time? It’s a combination of regular cleaning, the use of air purifiers, essential oil diffusers (aromatherapy), and room management (decluttering). We hope this guide helped you in keeping your house smelling fresh and clean!

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