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Why Use an Air Purifier? Discover its Benefits for your Home

why use an air purifier

If you’re new to air purifiers, you might ask: why use an air purifier for your home? What are its features and benefits? We wrote this guide with that in mind to help you because we know how much you want to keep the air in your living space fresh and clean.


Air purifiers were made for a variety of purposes – one of which is to help allergy sufferers and asthmatics in breathing easier. Furthermore, since air purifiers remove dust and other pollutants from the air, they will help in removing toxic chemicals that could potentially make you sick in the future.


Let’s discover the different benefits of an air purifier (specifically when it comes to health and well-being) and why you should have one for your home, office space, and the like. After all, we care about your health and safety!


What are the benefits of an air purifier?

So, why use an air purifier? What are the benefits of an air purifier? Let’s list them below so that you’ll know the next time you try and use one for your home (or even a personal office space):


Great for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

People with allergies and/or asthma are the main benefits of air purifiers (although everyone else can benefit thanks to their pollution-removing filters). Health concerns are always a problem when trying to be productive at work, in school, or watching over the kids.


With an air purifier around, you’ll breathe easier and you’ll have fewer symptoms of asthma, allergy, and/or coughing and sneezing. However, this only applies if your air purifier uses at least HEPA-type filters to remove small particles that are allergy-inducing.


You can sleep more soundly

Most of us can’t sleep properly at night due to the musty or stuffy air. If you’re one of the folks who tend to cough in the middle of the night due to pollution, you’ll benefit from an air purifier thanks to its powerful filters to capture dust and other pollutants.


Fortunately, many air purifiers out there have a night mode that dims the LED panel and lowers the noise level so you’ll have a good night’s sleep and wake up to fresher air. Most of them also have timers.


Freshens your home against bad smells

Did you know that most air purifiers nowadays have an activated carbon filter? This type of filter will get rid of musty smells like leftover chicken, pizza, and even remnants of tobacco smoke. If you live in a place with high humidity, it can also help control mold spores.


For folks with pets at home, your couch and surroundings won’t smell dog-like or cat-like that much with the help of an air purifier (just make sure to actually clean your couch and/or get your curtains and bed sheets laundered).


When should air purifiers be used?

In terms of using an air purifier, you might wonder: how often should you run an air purifier to become effective? Based on our experience, air purifiers work best when run 24/7. But why? Here’s how running an air purifier all day can benefit you in the long run:


  • Continuous cleaning results in less stress on the air purifier motor
  • You never know when dust enters your home
  • Most air purifiers don’t consume a lot of electricity and even have eco modes


As you can see, air purifiers can be run all day thanks to new technologies. This is especially beneficial if you live near or in a city where pollution is often a problem.

Do air purifiers really make a difference?

Yes, they do! Air purifiers will significantly help to reduce pollution in your home and make you feel better when it comes to breathing. However, to get that fresh air you deserve, here are some pointers on how to use your air purifier more effectively and efficiently:


  • Position it in an area with good airflow (not on corners)
  • Make sure it’s suitable for your intended room size
  • Change the filter as needed
  • Run them for longer hours (all day, if possible) for constant cleaning
  • Don’t forget to actually clean your home and do the laundry
  • If you have pets, bathe and groom them regularly


Can air purifiers make you feel better?

Absolutely – air purifiers are meant to remove pollution, such as dust, pet dander, and the like, from the air. With the help of filters inside air purifiers, you’ll breathe fresher air indoors. With that said, as mentioned above, you need to maintain your air purifier to avoid clogging its filter system.


Therefore, you’ll need to know how often to change the air filter (we have a guide for that). Either way, most air purifiers nowadays have a filter life indicator but most HEPA filters will last around 6 months to 1 year depending on the manufacturer.



Can air purifiers remove smoke?

Yes, air purifiers that use both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter can remove smoke from the air. Smoke has a lot of VOCs which are harmful to your health so it helps to run your air purifier to keep these substances away from your lungs.


Can air purifiers benefit baby rooms?

Yes, air purifiers are beneficial for babies to help them breathe clean air in their first few months. Infants have sensitive lungs so they need to be kept away from dangerous particles in the air. After all, we’ve listed some suggestions for the best air purifier for the nursery to get you started.


Are air purifiers energy-efficient?

Yes, most air purifiers consume very little electricity – as low as 8 watts for most units. The highest setting could operate around 50 to 56 watts and that’s significantly lower than operating an electric fan! Therefore, air purifiers are energy-efficient.



To conclude: why use an air purifier? Simply put, they remove pollutants from the air (such as dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen, VOCs, bad smells, and the like) so that your home will not only smell fresh but become free from harmful particles.


Whether you have allergies or not, air purifiers are greatly beneficial since they maintain clean and healthy air for you to breathe – especially if you have kids or folks who get sick easily. We hope this guide helped you know the benefits of an air purifier!

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